kaela-kay-ss14 Kaela Kay is a model based mostly within the US created by Catherine Addai. The model had prints “popping” in a myriad of dazzling colours. From fabulous patchwork and delightful floral print clothes, the gathering could be described as nothing multiple-of-a-type. Like an irresistible, however unusual beat, one can’t assist however faucet your foot to the distinctive rhythm of the gathering. In case you are questioning what it’s wish to be a ray of sunshine, sporting this assortment will certainly allow you to really feel the radiance. One might need to carry additional units of sun shades to guard onlookers from the brilliant reflections erupting from their outfit. kaela-kay-ss14-0 kaela-kay-ss14-1 kaela-kay-ss14-2 kaela-kay-ss14-3 kaela-kay-ss14-4 kaela-kay-ss14-5 kaela-kay-ss14-6 kaela-kay-ss14-7 kaela-kay-ss14-8

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