11111549_750395895075126_1320160236_n Everyone knows what Aso-ebi means. Only a reminder, Aso-ebi is translated to “household material”. It’s known as outfits created from matching materials worn by group of individuals to a celebration, wedding ceremony, naming ceremony, funeral and so on. There’s actually no occasion with out Aso-Ebi to go together with it in current occasions. Up to now Aso-ebi was often worn solely by our Mums often in lace materials and we’d by no means acquired to put on them just because they have been solely sewn in the identical Iro and Buba type on a regular basis. However right now, the Aso-ebi style development has transcended past simply lace material, as we now have number of laces in popping colours and different materials to select from. Fortunately for us, the style designers have additionally damaged by way of the Iro and Buba tendencies, putting a little bit of tulles or sequins right here and there and wrapping it like sarong. A lot of creativity! There’s simply no restrict actually to how imaginative and numerous you possibly can go together with spicing up your Aso-Ebi types. Therefore, choosing a method or material on your Aso-Ebi is often has all the time been a problem and we at WDN has determined to place an finish to that dilemma as we convey you lovely photographs of types and material that may make you drool. Be impressed!‏ bestofweddingphotos_2015-05-24_09-45-54 hausaa_fulanii_2015-05-21_14-54-49 africansweetheartasoebi_2015-05-21_02-07-02 _olorifadereramiles__2015-05-23_21-49-15 nigeriafashionpolice_2015-05-24_13-29-43 clarababyy_2014-10-19_00-47-34 clarababyy_2014-09-15_14-51-21 deaboulah_2015-05-28_19-54-54 shomya_lag_2015-05-29_10-26-20 olalexyphotography_2015-05-27_00-43-41 tradlookbook_2015-05-29_17-26-15 olladivine_2015-05-31_02-59-01 olladivine_2015-05-31_03-01-20 hseofjulyetpeters_2015-05-30_23-49-34 nikel26_2015-05-30_18-48-21 kamdora_2015-05-30_13-31-42 akposokudu_2015-05-31_10-05-38 akposokudu_2015-05-29_18-31-24 weddingdigestnaija_2015-06-02_18-25-18 kikisfashion_2015-06-04_12-37-40 lovay12_2015-06-01_15-13-00 yemicouture_2015-06-01_07-45-59 queenivade_2015-05-31_19-33-15 iamftk_2015-05-29_15-38-54 estherofkish iyaboojofespris kbfabrics pinandlace mz_yeancah _layomi-1 _layomi owambestyle-1 owambestyle 9naijabrides-1 9naijabrides ceelala92 africansweetheartasoebi-8 africansweetheartasoebi-7 africansweetheartasoebi-6 africansweetheartasoebi-5 africansweetheartasoebi-4 africansweetheartasoebi-3 africansweetheartasoebi-2 africansweetheartasoebi-1 africansweetheartasoebi asoebinaija okikimarinho-4 okikimarinho-3 okikimarinho-2 okikimarinho-1 okikimarinho maj_couture-1 maj_couture asoebispecial asoebiafrica-5 asoebiafrica-4 asoebiafrica-3 asoebiafrica-2 asoebiafrica-1 asoebiafrica deeqlooks segilolaajisoge hseofjulyetpeters lurlahxclusive cee_ciiii oyindaani-2 oyindaani-1 oyindaani queenivade yemicouture jabellefabrics shyne002 shantagladys m.a.o_87 designersmuseng stylebyayaba ns_fabrics ms_asoebi-12 ms_asoebi-10 ms_asoebi-8 ms_asoebi-7 ms_asoebi-5 ms_asoebi-4 ms_asoebi-3 babicakes_costy ms_asoebi-1 bellanaijaweddings ms_asoebi thatdynamitechick fashionforchurch IMG_20150530_151432 bellanaijaweddings_2015-05-30_16-01-28 11195836_771285632978742_525915494_n IMG_1432416493880 Photograph courtesy- Instagram

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